happy working environment

Creating – And Sustaining – A Happy Work Environment

Not everyone loves their job. Some menial tasks can’t be avoided, and some days are more challenging than the rest. But as a senior manager, you must wear many hats – fearless leader, networking expert, corporate strategist. And to boost the spirits of your employees and coworkers, sometimes you need to step up and become what we at Experteer call a “mood minister.” This is no easy task, but those in a position of power are often directly responsible for the energy of everyone around. How are your actions and feelings influencing the atmosphere at your office? How can you foster a happy work environment, and more importantly, how can you sustain it?

horrible bosses

“Horrible Bosses” – Are You Guilty of These Supervisor Sins?

He might be cynical, bad-tempered, or egocentric – a bad boss usually has one or more of these terrible traits. It’s no wonder that 3/4 of the German workforce are so unmotivated. The ultimate motivation for satisfaction in the workplace is no longer just salary. Today’s employees need to feel appreciated, and have a good relationship with their supervisors to maximize their performance at work. Today you’ll learn how to recognize horrible bosses, and which traits that you, as a senior manager, should quickly fix.

Handling Difficult Employees

Managing Difficult Employees – Acknowledge, Approach, and Assess

In a perfect world, your employees would work together in perfect harmony, and your company would be smooth sailing. But if you’ve got an unhappy or disgruntled employee on board, managers must act immediately. A bad attitude can be contagious, and before you know it, you might wind up with a mutiny on your hands. How can senior managers quickly and effectively neutralize any threats to an otherwise satisfied crew? Managing difficult employees is no easy task

a change of career at 40

A Change of Career at 40 – But How?

After decades of working in the same industry, with the same daily duties and responsibilities, it’s understandable that you may feel unchallenged, and maybe even bored. But most senior professionals are too scared to try something new. It can be intimidating to consider a change of career at 40 or older, but as with most major life changes, the hardest part is simply to start. The third act of your career might be the most exciting. Don’t allow a fear of the unknown to prevent you from exploring a new direction. Sites like Experteer can offer you access to more than 20,000 headhunters and recruiters who can help you seamlessly transition into a new position or industry. But first, you need to figure out your goals for the future – what kind of job would make you the happiest? What are your goals? Read on for tips on how you can discover your perfect career, and put the spark back in your professional life.

Mastering Employee Engagement Featured

Mastering Employee Engagement [INFOGRAPHIC]

Today’s most talented professionals just can’t seem to stay in one place. Blame it on boredom, on the ease of finding a new opportunity, or just a desire for something new: companies all over the world are wondering why good employees leave, in search of new careers. Many employers underestimate the importance of employee engagement. It’s too easy to think that a worker’s loyalty to a company will keep him from looking for other job opportunities. But without a strong focus on the corporate culture, your best and most valued employees may get stolen away by other more competitive firms. For some insight on mastering employee engagement, consider the following tips.

job interview in germany

Ace Your Job Interview in Germany

For international job seekers, you may have some questions about the interview process in a foreign land. What customs and norms should you be aware of? How can you best prepare yourself, and make a great impression? As if a job interview in your home country isn’t stressful enough, the added dimension of a new culture and maybe even a new language can make for a real nerve-wracking experience. But Experteer has some advice for those who are looking for a job in Deutschland – our guide will help you to ace your job interview in Germany!

Reverse Mentoring

The Benefits of Reverse Mentoring

In the classic model of mentoring, executives who saw promise in younger employees might teach them lessons, share business knowledge and best practices from their years of work experience. Most aspiring young professionals valued this time and wisdom. But today’s job market reflects a change in the value placed on certain skills and areas of expertise. While nothing can replace years of experience in an industry, newer tools like social media are more frequently taught in universities, or unpaid internships. The millennials in your workplace have access to valuable information that could revolutionize your business practices, if only the executives cared to listen. Consider the benefits of reverse mentoring for your organization, where senior managers could stand to learn a great deal.

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