6 Tips for Settling Into Your New Job text

6 Mistakes to Avoid at Your New Company

A new job can be stressful, and on the first day, you’re already in a tough position – how do you make a great first impression? How do you earn the respect of your colleagues, while learning the lay of the land? So many factors, so many variables, and the pressure is on. To acclimate properly, there are a few Do’s – and plenty of Don’ts. When you start working at a new company, try to refrain from making these mistakes.


Gary Chaplin, the “Maverick” Headhunter, On Clients, Candidates and Chemistry

There are no hard or fast rules for headhunters. Most professional recruiters devise their own strategies for finding and matching top talent. This has never been a problem for Gary Chaplin. Since his start as a headhunter, he never cared much for traditional practices. “I was disruptive, seen as a dangerous maverick,” he says. But after working for three different sizes and styles of recruiting companies being the “top fee earner,” and running the most profitable division in the company for two years, Chaplin realized that he was onto something. Now, he runs his own company, based in the UK, where he specializes in C-Level senior placements. And with over 20 years of business experience, it seems as though his “maverick methods” are working.

6 Ways You Can Improve Productivity and Morale - At The Same Time

5 Ways You Can Improve Productivity and Morale – At The Same Time

Office life is often a punchline – we picture a sea of gray cubicles, endless meetings, and a complete lack of motivation. This is the stereotypical “daily grind” facing most members of the workforce. With such negative connotations, it’s no wonder that so many employees lose their drive. But it’s up to you as a leader to reignite this spark, and push your team to achieve. It’s no easy task, but with a little enthusiasm and support, you can improve productivity and the morale of your team. Try these five tips and watch your team skyrocket to succeed.

Why Being Headhunted is Your Best Shot at Landing a Job

Being Headhunted is Your Best Chance at Landing a Job

According to a recent article from the Wall Street Journal, job seekers are already doing one thing wrong: seeking jobs. Data suggests that by applying through “traditional” means, like classified ads, candidates are likely to be overlooked or even completely ignored. Potential new hires that came through internal recommendations, or headhunters, had the best chance at landing a new job. It seems as though hiring managers are tired of dealing with the overwhelming task of sifting through resumes and applications, and deferring instead to candidates found through active sourcing. To ensure your success as you pursue the next step in your career, take note of these tips to get headhunted, and secure that next executive position!

Why Leaving Your Comfort Zone Makes You Work More Effectively

Why Leaving Your Comfort Zone Makes You Work More Effectively

Be honest – are you too comfortable in your current position? Are you bored by your daily routine? Then it’s high time to make a change! Only those who are open to developing and growing as individuals can advance professionally. Our society is especially open to drastic changes and big moves, and it’s essential that professionals are capable of taking initiative in this day and age. This requires commitment and courage – and it’s worth it. Try leaving your professional comfort zone. We’ll show you how to find a new perspective and make the next step in your career.

Trick Interview Questions

Watch Out for These Trick Interview Questions!

“Tell us, what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?” Whoever thinks that this question hasn’t been used in an interview is wrong. Senior managers aren’t any exception to this rule – they apply to positions with lots of responsibility, and they’re also interrogated at great lengths. The HR manager that sits across from you and quizzes you most likely wants to find out as much as possible about your skills, your leadership abilities, and your personal and professional values. The candidate that panics under this pressure and begins to tell ridiculous stories about their barbecue last summer has already lost any chance at securing a spot. We’ll show you 4 trick interview questions that you may encounter in a job interview, and how your hiring manager will interpret your answers. Today you can learn how to stay calm and poised under pressure, and convey that you’re the perfect candidate for the senior management position.

5 Traits Successful Leaders Won't Accept

5 Traits Successful Leaders Won’t Accept

There are some skills that successful leaders radiate. So it stands to reason that these same skills are a priority when it comes to creating their own teams. In order to attain the sought-after position of Senior Manager, or to find the right mentor for you, we recommend that you consider your own skills and talents. What are character strengths that you see as a prerequisite for senior managers?

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