nina and wesley interview

Introducing Your Experteer Executive Search Experience

At Experteer, we aim to provide senior level candidates with all of the tools necessary for professional success. Our executive search experience is one of the core parts of the Experteer service. We’re excited to announce a new and improved job search experience for our registered users, available in all country versions starting in August 2015.

We spoke to Nina Zimmerman, our VP of Product and Engineering, and Wesley Stuurman, our Senior Product Manager, to learn more about their vision, their journey, and what our users can expect from this revolutionary new upgrade in the executive job search experience.

emailing senior managers

The Executive’s Guidelines for Emailing Senior Managers

In the constant swirl of messages that we read, write and respond to every day, we often overlook the importance of email style vis-à-vis the recipient. Take the example of emailing senior managers. Addressing a higher-up in another company, or even the boss in your own organization, demands more formality than you might use with co-workers. It’s also important to avoid anything that may cast a negative light on you as an employee.

Resume FAQs for Senior Managers

No professional looks forward to updating their resume in preparation for a career search. If you are among the fortunate few who can secure interviews simply by tapping your network, congratulations. For everyone else, dusting off and redesigning a resume is the first step to landing a new leadership role. Hiring processes change over time,…

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