active sourcing as a new recruitment strategy

Active Sourcing as a New Recruitment Strategy [VIDEO]

Companies have been dealing with a lack of skilled workers for quite some time already. Due to demographic and geographic trends all over the world, the job market seems to be in a state of disrepair. Companies are desperately looking for qualified candidates to fill their vacancies. This is where Active Sourcing, or the active search for great candidates, comes into play. Today, we’ll explain why Active Sourcing as a new recruitment strategy is so important, and the opportunities that it offers both companies and candidates.

Photo With Your CV.

Should You Put a Photo On Your CV?

This leaves international jobseekers in something of a quandary: refuse to include a personal photo on your CV in a country where it’s expected, and you risk having your application disregarded as unserious. Add a headshot in a locale where photos are never provided, and you appear unprofessional or naive.
Here are some general guidelines that will help you decide when to send a photo with your CV…

be found by headhunters

Get Discovered by More Than 20,000 Headhunters and Recruiters on Experteer [INFOGRAPHIC]

It’s no secret that today’s war for talent has headhunters and recruiters fighting over promising leads and qualified candidates. But for senior professionals ready for a change of pace, it’s not always so easy to track down a top recruiter! Networking and visibility are the key factors that will help you make your way onto a headhunter’s radar. Experteer talked to our network of experts to compile the best tips on getting discovered by headhunters. We hope this will help, and we wish you the best of luck with your next career step!


What’s Holding You Back in Your Executive Career Search?

Recruiters suggest that candidates are failing to identify the areas where they require skills development. From an executive recruiters’ perspective, many of the obstacles holding candidates back centre on job search skills and awareness and therefore, can be overcome with professional guidance.

As one recruiter explained:

“Self-awareness is the difference between those who are prepared and those who are not”.

Remember, many recruiters are shocked at the general lack of preparation, poor CV and an inability to communicate achievements; get this right and you’re a strong candidate for the role, regardless of what you perceive might be limiting factors.

headhunter insights

Headhunter Insights: How Candidates Can Present Themselves Successfully

Qualified managers and executives looking for a new career are often approached by headhunters. They serve as mediators between a company who wants to fill a position, and a qualified candidate. But how should a candidate act when they meet a headhunter for the first time? How do you manage to impress the recruiter, and how can you stay in touch? We spoke with Petra Zorgati, a recruiter at Kienbaum, for her insights. In the video, you can learn the tips and tricks for how candidates can present themselves successfully. Get ready for your next headhunter interview by preparing with these headhunter insights!

Tips for Your Next Headhunter Interview

Informed, Motivated, and Engaged – Tips for Your Next Headhunter Interview

In a meeting with a headhunter, would you hungrily wolf down a sloppy sandwich? Or back him into a corner by demanding to know, “How did you find me?” This is no way to make a first impression. On the other hand, if you enter the interview well informed about the position and the company in question, and pose relevant questions to the headhunter, this will count in your favor. Today, we spoke with Dr. Thomas K. Heiden, of the recruiting firm heiden associates, recently recognized by Focus Magazine. Read on to learn how you can best prepare yourself for an interview with a headhunter. With these tips for your next headhunter interview, you’ll score points and get an edge on your competition.

Women in Management Turn Your Detours into Opportunities

Women in Management: Turn Your Detours into Opportunities

Female executives are no longer a rarity in the business world. German women are routinely performing better in the country-wide standardized “Abitur,” (mandatory final exams for all graduating high school seniors), and even in universities, women are overachieving and beating out their male counterparts. Countrywide, the proportion of female students to male is 51 percent. But when it comes to careers, women are constantly faced with new obstacles. Today, we spoke with Martina Frahn, a partner at HUNTING/HER HR-Partners, a recruitment firm that specializes in placing women. She explained why women in management sometimes get in their own way, and showed us how highly qualified female candidates can best present themselves to get the positions that they deserve.

Career with Style The Perfect Business Outfit

Climbing the Corporate Ladder with Style: The Perfect Business Outfit

A canary-yellow suit, a Pucci-print tie, and crocodile-skin loafers? Who knows what kind of fashion sins your supervisors and colleagues may be hiding deep within their closets? Expressive fashion isn’t encouraged for most senior managers – except in more creative industries. Those who try to impress the CEO of a large company with a dapper velvet suit are setting themselves up for failure. But rather than overcompensating for a dull personality with loud colors and fabrics, you can use fashion to emphasize your competence and self-confidence. To help you climb the corporate ladder in style, we’ve got some tips for you. We’ve also brought the luxury and fashion experts from Maxwell Scott Bags on board to provide some more insights. Next time you peruse the Business Professional department at your favorite shop, keep these questions in mind. Don’t underestimate the power of good fashion: the perfect business outfit can help you to reach the next level of your career!

personal branding

Personal Branding: Managers, Give Your Career a Boost

Do you consider “personal branding” another useless buzzword? Then you’re just one of many working professionals who’s underestimated the power of this marketing tool. Branding can open so many doors in your life, personally and professionally, that might’ve been closed otherwise. Personal branding isn’t so different from classic branding. You can use it to increase your visibility, handle your reputation, or to build trust in your skills. You can actively influence the impression you leave on others. In other words, you can fight your way to a higher and better position. Today, we’ll show you how to use modern media more effectively to become an expert in your field, and give your career a little push.

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