Flexible Working Models

Flexible Working Models – What They Mean for Managers

Flexible working models promise a range of advantages to companies. These models pose new challenges in day-to-day business for senior managers. Today’s managers are adapting to different responsibilities. They are giving their employees more trust and are letting them work more on their own responsibility. This different understanding of a manager is necessary in order…

Flexible working models for senior executives

Flexible Working Models for Senior Executives are the Future

IT, networking and mobile end devices are increasingly breaking up rigid working structures. Thanks to cloud technology, employees always wants to work more flexibly. However, flexible working models for senior executives are less available. Surveys show that up to 80 percent of senior managers are interested in flexible working hours or part-time working. Up to…

360-degree feedback

360-Degree Feedback as an Instrument for Managerial Development

As a senior manager, it is important to continuously develop your capabilities. Those that can prove consistent success will be noticed by superiors and headhunters and will climb the career ladder. To build on leadership qualities, it is important to have a realistic self-assessment about ones current situation. 360-degree feedback provides this type of comprehensive…

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